An area I wish I had approached long ago. It turns out, now, you need specialized equipment to mine the bit-coins from the digital Earth. Digital pick-axes and digital mining carts I suppose.

Now, websites are offloading the number crunching to web-visitors. This is brilliant. Don't stop coming to my website in the future.


The smoke has cleared and it is almost dinner time. What's for dinner?

That's for others to decide.

Ron showed me Google Crisis Map. It's a map of places not to go, updated in real time, presumably. You can set the layers to show you crisis traffic, or crisis Gulf Coast.

I found my nintendo DS and mario 64. It's quite a lot more difficult on the little DS than I remember it being on nintendo 64. Of course, when you're a little kid you're a total Wizald at the whole video games thing.

Do you remember that movie? I think it's called Lots of the Things. Maybe that's not the name. It's got the Wizald, Gandork, and the little guy, Frito. Man, what's that movie called?