Post-Patrick's Day

Woah, okay. Yeah, I'm tired on this one, today. It's Friday.

Erik is chopping vegetables, I think I can actually sort of smell the food. I haven't smelled much in the past 12 years. Something something head injury.

Preston is testing the reed he built for Zac Leger, in Zac Leger's chanter. It sounds pretty alright. Certainly sounds like Preston playing it, because he is playing it.

Kelsey had to head down to McMinnville, today, for a gig with The Stomptowners. She isn't done with that one until 9, apparently, and it's an hour and a half each way. Bullshit!

We played at the Yahoo! headquarters in beavertron yesterday. I should have asked the people working there about how to work the bullshit magic on our search results. 'How do I manipulate your software?' I meant to, and I forgot. They had fish & chips. I signed some sort of waiver to not take photos or disclose any company secrets I might have been exposed to. I don't think mentioning that they had fish & chips is a company secret.

We played at the Town Club yesterday for Phil Meehan's retirement party. That was really nice, and I'm glad we were able to contribute. Plus, it's fun to go into private institutions and poke around. I ate a shrimp. I don't like shrimps, but I'll sometimes eat them when they're around. And dead. They seem to have this air of fanciness to them. People think it's fancy food, I think, but they're not really. They don't taste like much and they crunch strangely. Actually, they're a bit gross.

Last place we went, as a band, last night, was The Moon and Sixpence, which I've mentioned before. Johnny Connolly was ripping tunes, with his crew. Then, in the second set, a girl trying to dance knocked a fucking beer onto the fucking mixer, and it fucking stopped working. Somehow, they found magic Yamaha speakers which had individual inputs on them, so they weren't lacking a sound system. Wild turn of events.

After that I went to Biddy's(sorry I mean O'neill's. Apparently the 'n' isn't capitalized, which I don't understand) and met up with Kelsey, Anne, Marj, and Ciara. There was a band with a funny name playing pub songs. They were pretty alright.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Patrick's Day.