There's a fun-sounding event happening in Robin Hood's hometown of Sherwood, 28.5 km south of Portland. It's the Téada reAwakening event. I don't know what it's supposed to be about, but the music will be good. I'm sure we will hear all the instruments. Kelsey is excited because dancey man, Brian Cunningham, will be rug cutting.

I've gotten a lot of website traffic recently, due to my writing about the wctr radio Chicaco scam. Although I'm not always able to get the Google search results to show the individual blog entry; it shows the entire blog page, after which a user would have to scroll down through all the bloggy posts. I wonder if there is a search function I can implement in this blog. Or, a function to only show the 'Scams!' entry in Google results. I'll see. Either way, I hope that writing about it will prevent more people from getting scammed by scammers.