Little sausage fingers

My nails are too long. The one on my left thumb broke a bit, and it's kinda shitty.

I made a new YouTube video, of me playing flute. I played The Kid on the Mountain. First, I played it slow, or at least, what I consider slow. Then, I played it fast, or faster than previously played.

One issue I've encountered with putting videos on the YouTube is that there are copyright crawling robots. Sometimes, after uploading a video, there is a pretty immediate e-mail from the YouTube informing me that some weird copyright company is claiming I have violated a copyright, and therefore, I'm not eligible to monetize my own video of public domain music.

This is bullshit.

So, I've always disputed the claims. There an easy form to fill out on the YouTube to file the dispute, but the person who initiated the dispute has 30 days to respond. There is no basis for this, as far as I know. Any previous claim to copyright which has been filed against me has been overturned pretty much immediately. This current one, from a claimant called 'AdRev Publishing' is in progress.

I have a lawyer friend, who specializes in music law, and I will gladly send him at these idiots.


In other news. Donald Drumpf. Hah!