Flutini on Macintosh

If you just want the Flutini install tutorial, feel free to scroll down to it. I have a tendency to ramble when given a blog format.

I met with flute maker, John Gallagher, the other night and got to try out a few of his flutes. He had a freshly minted 6-key mopane which had a seemingly effortless second octave, and it got me thinking a lot about tuning between octaves, cork position, etc. This reminded me of Flutini, the real time tuning analysis program. Simply put, it will give you an average, per-note, tuning overview. You can read more about it here: http://www.novasession.org/Flutini/

The reason I write this blog is to provide a tutorial on getting the software working on Apple computers. As this is a Windows based software, we have to run it through WINE, which is not a windows emulator, but it pretty much is. It essentially allows you to run Windows software in Linux, or OS X environments. The Mac implementation of this is Wineskin, which is mostly used to port Windows games to Mac, so you can play Star Trek: Online, or Warcraft III. The added benefit of those gamers' efforts is that we get to run various esoteric softwares such as Flutini.

How to Install:

Head to Wineskin HQ and get yourself to the Download page. Pick up the latest Wineskin version(which as of this writing is 1.7).

It will come in a .zip file, so feel free to unzip that. You'll be presented with the Wineskin Winery app, which you can then place in your Applications folder.

When you run Wineskin, it will give you a window which should be something like the picture on the right. Be sure to click the + sign to install an Engine, if there is not currently one installed in the 'Installed Engines' section.
Normally, you would 'Create New Blank Wrapper' but this time you won't need to do this, because I've created the wrapper, which you can download at the conclusion of this tutorial.

The wrapper acts as an individual Windows install, which contains the basic elements to run Windows software. So, I've taken the Flutini program, pre-made a wrapper with Flutini installed, and have gotten permission from Scott Turner to redistribute it here. You will need to unzip the flutini.zip file before using.

Go ahead and download the wrapper here, and place the file wherever you see fit. It will just act as the file, which you may open, and begin fluting at.


If it doesn't work, or you're having some bizarre problem, or your cat is distracting you because she wants food, please contact me on the form over here.