Dale Russ

Just up the way in Seattle, I believe, is the great fiddle player, Dale Russ. More about him after this short message:

I was fortunate to be asked, a few weeks ago, to play with the great fiddle player, Eddie Parente, for the Tualatin Ceili. While I was over at Eddie's house arranging tunes for the dance, we also traded a few tunes back and forth, and he gave me a gem of a tune. Eddie told me he got it from our local accordion maniac, Mikey Beglan.

After having a stab at learning it I finally looked it up using the brilliant TunePal phone app thing. The app returned that it was likely called 'Paddy Fahey's' which doesn't narrow it down, because Paddy Fahey has written a metric space elevator worth of tunes. Anyway, I had a sleuth and came up with the name 'Paddy Fahey's #2'

We have meat.

Upon this discovery, I found comments on the ever firebrand thesession.org which led me to this video of our own Dale Russ raging away at 'Paddy Fahey's #2' before meandering off down the verdant path into the ever lush repertoire of his soul food diet.

To conclude, I'll post Dale playing it, and perhaps later on when I can tie down the many threads woven into this melody I'll post it myself on Soundcloud.