There's a comfort when you have the leader you want. The person who has an ability to command which you may not always agree with, but are confident enough with to stand behind them. We've seen a man do many things to improve our daily lives for the last eight years, and he leaves us in two days.

The person replacing him(and I don't want to sound like I'm parroting the ocean of papers, essays, twitter conversations, IRL conversations, IRC conversations, facebook rants, bulletins, headlines, the persons own words, or anyone but myself) just isn't qualified, nor seemingly interested, in the job he has found himself getting. This guy has shown us nothing to make us believe he can lead a country.

We survived two Bush administrations, so I hope we can survive a demagogue who places vanity over the safety and welfare of the citizens, the loosening of restrictions which protect our planet, the reversal of progress made to protect the rights of humans, and the lack of interest in telling the people anything resembling truth. I hope this is all I have to say about it in this blog, and now, back to the music.