Kelsey and I got a crock pot a few months back, and we have been exploring the various slow ways to cook food items. I haven't kept the best recipe list of things we've tried, but I started to backtrack and find the recipes. I'll maybe start putting them up here and see if the list grows some.

I like the idea of putting stuff in the crockery bucket and walking away for 8 hours, only to come back and find a pretty much prepared meal, ready for consumption. Another part of me enjoys the hands-on, labor intensive cooking method of regular cooking

It is good for drudgery cooking as well. Cooking beans, to me, sucks. I love beans, but the last few times I've made them have been a pain. You have to fill up the pot every once-in-a-while because the damn water evaporates. With the added inconvenience of an electric range, you'll never get the simmer temperature right, because there's a 7-45 minute window of time in between burner temperature adjustments. With the crock bucket, you put the beans in, cover with water(2 inches above top of beans) and in 8-10 hours you have beans that you can eat. It's fucking incredible.

anyway. you know. eat stuff.