Some Time

I've let this slip a bit. Anyway, I'll start from the top. We got notice that our rent is going up, so I'll have to start busking more, and maybe teaching to cough up some extra coppers for the coffers. Not the worst thing ever, just not the best.

Kelsey is finishing her shower, and we're heading to the beach. Beaches. We're going to camp in Kiwanda, at the Cape of it. Many a photograph shall be pointed and shot, and I'll show them here. The alternative camping spot is Banjo Bar, where many a famous time has been had already, but this is our chance to branch out. Kelsey's parents went on a cruise to Alaska and left us in charge of their(fairly new) motor vehicle, so we're going to break the engine in a little for them. They'll thank us I'm sure.

The fuzz cat has a personal caretaker for the weekend, so no worries or troubles there. Just ourselves, and the open Oregon road.

She's out of the shower. Time to fill the ice chest with beer and get the fuck out of here.

Bye to Portland, for a couple of days.