Apparently I only write the blogs on Thursdays. It's cloudy and nice outside. Hold on, I'm going to turn the hood vent off...


I'm back. Anyway. The weather is good. Good, and fine. We are playing music at Cup & Bar tomorrow night, which should be good. Good, and fine. Preston had four of his wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday(I think he only had four... does someone have more than that?) but I believe he will still be joining us.

I have started job searching. They hide them well, although I found one I would be particularly suited for, which isn't too far from my place. Writing a cover letter is a daunting task. It wasn't as hard as it seemed it would be once Kelsey started helping me. She is most helpful at clearing up my confusion on matters of business. If I were given an opportunity to meet, and talk, with just about anyone, I believe I might get some kind of a job out of them, or a couple bucks so I'd leave them alone. So, describing myself on a digital paper and electronically mailing it to someone I can't talk to is a bit weird for me.

The position is for IT support of a pretty great looking local company. The description was essentially the job I did at Chico State, when I still lived in Chico. Although, there would be people doing work, not students wrecking my computers.

One seemingly critical thing I forgot to mention, which I thought of after I sent my resume/cover letter electronic mail was that I can repair both Windows(XP, Vista[what's Vista?]) 7, 8, 10) computers, and those other ones that run the OS X(10.5-10.11.4). This doesn't bother me so much, as I wouldn't be looking for that. As an employee seeker, I'd probably be more likely to look for someone who knows what this is:

Obviously, it's the internet.

Obviously, it's the internet.

With that, I'll leave you with one more internet, this time of Harry Bradley, and I'll set off to practice my concertina.