Tuesday Day

It's Tuesday, today. It's around 1:38pm, in the afternoon. CD sales aren't dead! Long live the physical CD! Apparently kids these days think CD is an archaic term. As though you're not listening to CDs on Spotify, or whatever they think they're doing. Obviously, with all these music streaming services, there is just someone in a warehouse with a bunch of CDs, vinyl records, cassette tapes, 8-tracks, 78s, and wax cylinders, just fielding requests and putting music on that plays into a computer. They might have some MP3s or whatever, but I doubt it.

Long live the CD.

I cut my hair yesterday, made a big mess in the bathroom, swept it all up(twice) and hung out with Kelsey! I drove her to 60th Ave, and then I drove back, in a car2go. Those things are pretty cool.

Today(Tuesday) I'm going to head down to Raven & Rose, and play some tunes with Na Rósaí. That will be fun. Fun is fun. Tunes are fun. See you there, maybe.