More Scams!?

SoundCloud is a great service to post your recordings, sound files, etc. It's just a nice, free music publishing service. I've posted a lot there over the years. I haven't posted much recently, but I'll start again when I have some junk to post. There are recording stuffs on my phone right now, but I gotta sift through the muck, and dust off the gems.

Anyway, SoundCloud is also a great service for people to cold contact you about their 'FREE SERVICES FOR MUSICAL ARTISTS!'

I would hope that it would be obvious these days that there aren't free services which promote you, outside of the services which you use to promote yourself. No one wants to do that for free for you. I'll promote you on my website, but there has to be incentive; I won't do it for free.

There are websites which allegedly check to see if other websites are scam sites. These also might be scam sites, to legitimize other scam sites. When I covered the wctr-radio chicago Cynthia, Akademia music awards SCAM, I checked the website through various systems, which returned the site as safe. When the site returns as safe, what I take that to mean is there are not drive-by download attacks, or various other attacks. That's fine; good that it's not a directed attack site. But, these safety-check sites don't point out that the wording on the site may seem legitimate, while offering to still take your money for a ride, with no real results.

About 30 minutes ago I received an e-mail from someone called Jenny Walker. The subject was 'How's the music going?'
This seems, polite, and friendly. Maybe I met this person somewhere, or have had an online interaction with them before. Here's the body of the message:

Hope the music is going great.
So, I’ve come across something that might be of
interest to you.
It works well for music on SoundCloud.
I’ll send it over later on for you.

Jenny x
— Jenny Walker. Whoever she is.

Yeah, I bet it will be of interest to me. The e-mail address I received this from was seems legitimate enough, but I can't seem to find any information on this Jenny Walker person anywhere. And why wouldn't she just send this interesting thing, that might be of interest to me, immediately? Could this be.... a scam?
For investigation sake, I e-mailed back. I asked how we met, and how she had come across my music, which I'm guessing was through SoundCloud. My e-mail address, and website, is posted on my profile, for the whole world, except North Korean, to see.

I have yet to receive a reply, but I will update this blog post when I do. Another rainy, scammy, day in Portland.


I received a reply from this Jenny person. It was just what I thought it was, a link to some ridiculous site proclaiming your fame and fortune if you somehow link your SoundCloud page to it. The email didn't answer any of my questions back. Most likely it's just a bot which waits for a response, then sends a pre-scripted follow up based on some sort of timer.

Not very exciting, or innovative.


conor o'bryan