Redplum Removal!

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If you live pretty much anywhere, you might get those stupid coupon magazines in your mail. Well, the one I was getting didn't have much in the way of coupons, just ads. When I moved into an apartment in Portland, with my lady, we apparently, magically, signed up to receive these redplum coupon 'books' in the mail. If you want to skip reading this post, you can just click here to unsubscribe from redplum mailings.

I thumbed through it a couple times, before I got pretty annoyed that I was receiving them at all. They came once a week, or so, and the recycle bin out back would be covered in them. I just went to check the mail now, and saw the same thing: a recycle bin full of wasted paper that not one single fucking person even looked at. How do these redplum people make any money? Do they steal and sell the kids in the 'HAVE YOU SEEN ME?' banner in the corner of the site? Who actually is using the coupons for 50 cents off a Burger King Womper and Milked Shaker?

I decided to unsubscribe from this redplum thing. The first thing I did was browse around their website, which is exactly the type of website I don't think anyone has gone to for any reason other than to attempt to unsubscribe from their ridiculous coupon blaster. You can get the savings newsletter! No, thanks. You can follow them on facebook. Does anyone? Yeah, 301,000 fake, or abandoned accounts.

There is one, inconspicuous link to stop receiving this garbage, it says 'Manage your RedPlum direct mail preferences' on the right side of the page. IT'S LOCATED HERE, UNSUBSCRIBE FROM IT IMMEDIATELY!!! Now, in 'five(5) to six(6) weeks' you can get on with your regularly scheduled mail checking.

fuck everything!