Patrick's Week

It's been quite the whirlwind of a week.
Last week a bunch of us went down to the Teada concert in Sherwood.
The next night most of the band showed up at Johnny Connolly's session at the Moon and Sixpence. A really great session blasted its way through the carpet and low Moon ceiling.
Preston and I went over to Ken Matley's house, a fellow uilleann piper, and head organizer of the Portland Irish Piper's Club. Cillian Vallely and Kevin Crawford of Lunasa were giving workshops, and it was too good an opportunity to miss. I would have gone to their concert that night(Tim O'Brien was playing with them) but I was already working a different gig at the same time.

We had a fuckin nice session after the Stomptowners show. My sister came down with her dude and it was nice to hang out with her. Kelsey's dancing was lovely, as always.
The gig was at Biddy McGraw's, which is now The O'Neill Pub. A less-than-creative title for an Irish Pub.
Which O'Neill? The Chief?
Do they even know? It's just a bad coverall name. I forgot to ask Patrick, but rest assured, I will next Sunday.

Last night was a nice session at Paddy's Pub as well. We headed to the Moon after to watch Johnny's session.

Now, I must prepare for Raven & Rose today, and mentally prepare myself for the rest of the gigs this week.