Super Sunday

Kelsey and I went walking today. Last night we walked to OMSI and saw the, really neat, Winter Light. Here's a picture of that, on the instagram

Winter lights festival at OMSI last night. Plenty of strange stuff #pdx #omsi

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Today we walked to downtown to, along the Springwater Corridor, and over the Hawthorne Bridge. Our initial reason for the downtown walkabout was to visit the cobbler on SE 6th Ave, but they are closed today. Probably closed to watch the foosball games. We had checked to see whether they were open or not, and decided to wander downtown anyway. We stopped in at Kelly's Olympian for a sandwich, before returning to the East side, and were delighted that the Puppy Bowl was on TV there. No dogs!

Here's our feet on a crazy walk path on Springwater Corridor

foots, grate, rocks

foots, grate, rocks

Now, I'm off to play the session at Biddy McGraw's.