Updated Update

I posted a picture of my BOINC project running seti@home last night. The updates succeeded, but there was a problem with the BOINC client, or the seti project, or my authorization, or I just don't even know what was wrong.

This problem had happened before. I used the EC2 pre-configured BOINC client UBUNTU installation. Which is totally unnecessary, as installing and operating BOINC is quite easy. Anyway, previously, it had started spitting out an authorization error, so I made a completely new image.

It did it again, last night. I have no idea why, and last time I dug through forums, there wasn't any consistent answer. Here's the error:

ubuntu@ip-172-31-xx.xxx:~$ boinccmd —get_state
Authorization failure: -155

Negative one hundred fifty five. That sounds pretty dire.

I just started a new instance, this time with the official EC2 Ubuntu instance, and installed BOINC. This picture will have the IP blanked out. Not that you can get in anyway:

And, we're back. Once the aliens are located, you'll see it on the news.

once again,