Does anyone read this?

It's the morning after the night before. I'm at home, and I'm trying to set up the various social media things on my phone so they will stop alerting me every time someone does something on social media. I don't really care about your facebook 'event.' No one does.

I make facebook 'events' sometimes. Maybe they work. I'm not quite sure. What I know about facebook 'events' is that not many people like to be told about them.


I just invited 97 people to an 'event' on the facebook. Within fifteen minutes it has generated a considerable amount of clicks on things. Maybe it does work.

My next question, which was my first question, is; does anyone read this? I tried to enable some kind of comment system, but it seemed like people had to register or something. I don't like having to register with more stuff on the internet. It's like getting new credit cards you don't want, or need. Or getting slapped in the face. There is a 'heart' button with which you can 'like' or whatever. I guess that's my only indicator, outside of traffic metrics, to determine if anyone reads this. So the answer to my question is probably 'no one.'

Yesterday, Preston and I ate at a place in Seattle called Roxy's. It was just down the street from the Doric Hall where the tionól was hosted. At one point during brunch there was a loud yelled response from a crowd of men. We weren't sure why everyone was yelling, until we observed the group. Two men had shot glasses filled with whiskey. Upon drinking(shooting) the whiskey, one of the waitresses would slap them in the face. I referred to the specialty drinks menu, whereupon I saw the drink special 'Restraining Order' which was a shot of Jim Beam, and a slap in the face. How charming.