Day after Sunday

I'm at a funny angle, and it's hard to type. My left wrist is blocking quite a bit of the screen, and the funny angle I'm at, which is makint it hard to type, is making it hardt to type. My gods, look at all those lettter s I keep doing.

Anyway, the session last night was just Seamus and myuslef/. We played a bunch of good tunes.

I got a phone call from the Felim a little bit ago. Time to start arrangeing the St. Patrick's day junk with the paddy's and hte other junk. I still haVEN'T gotten out of bed yet, but I feel like I'm being quite productive. I've confirmed my availability to play some gigs, sorted out what I'm doing tonight, text messageed people, sent sappy silly things to Kelsey, and stared at the kitty cat.

Now I'm typing my blog. I can't really see what I'm typing now, because my wrist is directly in the way.

Anyway, see you later