I'm going down to Chico for the holidays. Since we've decided we're going down there I keep thinking of what shit I can bring back home. My binoculars are a definite. Lately I've been thinking about my fly fishing gear, and going fishing, and eating fish. So, logically, I should grab that stuff. My mom has probably kept it all safe somewhere, and there is probably my tiny fishing vest coated in tiny fishing flies and bobbles and whatever else. I haven't been there for over a year, so seeing old friends will be a benefit, but also just getting away from Portland will be nice. Not that I don't like this place, I do. But other places are nice as well. Fish.

It's been snowing off and on, and on and on, and now the sun has made its cameo appearance,
and the snow is sledding and sloughing off the roof of our apartment.
Men with metal are scraping away at it downstairs.
Tonight: Na Rósaí braves the PNW elements to head down to
Salem's Boon's Treasury. Should be a fun. Time. Fish.