It's still a strange feeling. To see friends go to prison, in the past. These crimes they committed, the most illegal of things they could have done. Federal sentences. And now, they live in a place where they can't commit the same crime if they tried. It only took 30+ years, and constant legal struggle, but it seemed to dissolve over night.

I have friends who were incarcerated in federal prison for marijuana related crimes. When I moved to Oregon, it was just before we voted to legalize weed here. California took several more years, but just voted its legality also. Now, we have to look at everything in the same respect. Which parts of our law frame things as illegal, which shouldn't be considered illegal? Gay marriage is legal now. It was never a problem in the first place. What's next? Or, with the next administration, if it manages to get into power at all, which parts that we now consider legal will become illegal again?

don't be afraid. keep fighting.