Hello blog! Hellow outside. Zooey is outside. She's been sitting on the balcony. I wonder if the crows like her. I had the front door open yesterday and was standing and drinking coffee, and a squirrel with a nut in its mouth had the audacity to come in and look around! Never before have I seen such a thing.
A crow just flew by and said 'hi' to Zoe.

not this Crow.

not this Crow.

I'm mustering up the strengths to shave my face. Later today we will be down at Raven & Rose, up in the Rookery Bar, so, you know, I gotta shave my face.

Zooey is back inside now.

The other day I was sitting with Kelsey and saw an ad for an investment app. Acorns is what it's called. It rounds up totals of your expenses to the nearest dollar and invests that into their artisinal, hand-crafted, ETFs. I thought that sounded interesting, so I'm giving it a go. There's certainly a lot of junk to learn about investing, but I think it's neat, and interesting, and potentially profitable. If this trump person does anything well maybe the economy will not only survive, but also improve. You have to look on the bright side of life, all the time.

Oh man, a really loud seagull just came by. That definitely got Zooey's attention.

We played at the Austin Celtic Festival a few weeks ago. That was great, and it was one of those things that actually made me feel like I was doing something important, and valid, with this music stuff. I just wish now that the weather was slightly warmer and sunnier, so I could go busking. I don't think I've ever wanted the sun to be out, as I prefer the drab clouded sky blanket. Now is a different story, as I'd like to busk and make a few dollars. I can't make as much as Preston, because my instrument is nowhere near as weird.

Now I'll get back to doing stuff. I should close the door as my person is getting chilled.

Good day.