Sunday Today

The blog thing says 'Write here...' when you haven't yet typed anything. Thanks computer.

I'm sitting on the couch. It's a nice, dry, day outside.
There are not enough drums.

I don't like how the blog function groups paragraphs. I can't change the alignment of the sentence that says 'There are not enough drums.' to be aligned right, without the sentence above it, in the grouping, to also be right aligned. Somewhat annoying, while also being unnecessary.

If you hit 'return' it automatically makes the paragraph its own section, whereas, if you 'shift' + 'return' it only drops the cursor one line, rather than two, and it remains in the same input section.

Anyway, last night was a good show at Artichoke Music. We played tunes. We also played songs that Richie sang. I sang a little bit also. Just once, on an old-time tune that Eric was playing: Going Up To Hamburg.

Today, I will be heading to the Muddy Rudder session in Sellwood. It's neat that areas of Portland have such specific boundaries as to require their own names. Of course, these areas are incorporated portions of the larger metropolitan area, which have been annexed in the past, as the metropolitan area has expanded.

Anyway, I'll also be going to Biddy McGraw's later tonight. Kinvara is playing from 7pm-9pm. Dennis O'Malley is in this group. He, and his family, were kind enough to open their doors to Kelsey and I for Christmas dinner, on Christmas. We broke bread, shot the shit, and played some tunes. Its hard to ask for a better Christmas, outside of being with your own family, which they successfully surrogated for.

There will be a session after Kinvara play. Is 'play' the correct verb? Fuck it, I don't know anymore. English is ridiculous enough; I'm not too concerned with the rules anymore.

Anyway, session at Biddy's at 9:30. Go see Kinvara at 7.