Where have the days gone

I'm paying money for this thing, so I gotsa use it!

Currently, today, earlier today, before now, so, not quite so currently, I was looking at speakers. My mixer doesn't have aux sends(why not? AAHH!) so I can't reuse the speakers we are using in conjunction with monitors. The only two outs(both powered) can be run as stereo mains, or, a single mono out, and, a single monitor. The speakers can be daisy-chained, except that the speakers we currently use don't have outputs. Great.
So, now, we'll just have to get four speakers.

I sent in an application for Na Rósaí. If you hold 'option' and press 'delete' at the same time it deletes the whole word. See? I just did it there, and deleted a word. Then, I pressed 'command' + 'Z' and brought it back. Magic. Anyway, I never finished my sentence. I sent in an application to the KVMR Celtic festival. Hopefully we get in.

Tomorrow I'm going to Free Geek to take stuff apart and drop things on my feet. It shall be great.

For the rest of the day I'm going to go to Raven & Rose, to play tunes, and equalize the frequency levels of the board.

A fond farewell to everyone, if I don't see you at Raven & Rose.

conor o bryan