Preston and myself(Conor) went to Washington park. Preston collected elder sticks, while I watched him gallivant and frolic. I, too, gallivanted and frolicked. He makes drone reeds with the sticks, as you can remove the core(pith) of them, turning them to a hollow tube.

We stepped in puddles, mud puddles, mud, tiny streams which cut their way through the trails. We yelled at birds(they yelled at us first!) and saw the Japanese garden from atop the hill. The far western part of Oregon we saw from near the top of the hills.

Preston has the Audubon North-Western Americas tree identification book, so we figured out which tree was which and what leaf went where.

Here's a blurry photo of him doing that:

Prrdton, on the left

Prrdton, on the left

Now, Kelsey and I are off to the Keller Auditorium to see The Book of Mormon.

happy trails,