It was the weekend!

It is no longer the weekend. It is Tuesday! Tunesday.

We(Na Rósaí[]) shall be down at Raven and Rose at 5:30 today. Although, I do get there earlier than that and set up the sound amplifying electronics.

I'm totally ready to go down right now, but I still have one hour, and, one half of one hour, to go.
What shall I do? I will type into this blog. What does 'blog' mean? According to wikipedia( it is "a truncation of the expression weblog."

Very fucking informative. Quoting that put the text into 'italics.' I wonder if periods(.) get 'italicized.' I don't think they do; not enough pixels, or interest.

Zooey is sleeping. She was playing with her toys, and helping me solve mysteries, but she got all tuckered out. I should cut my finger nails, to make them shorter, but I don't think I will.

Until the next time: