I bought a burrito today. Chicken kind. The cat watched me eat it, and wouldn't share the blanket.
There's a blanket because it's cold here. Cold in Portland.
I went down to Raven & Rose to play the weekly with Na Rósaí(I'm in a band called Na Rósaí. We play every Tuesday at Raven & Rose). Traffic was bullshit for everyone except me!

Good stuff. Felim came all the way from Morocco to see us, and have a few tunes at the end of the gig. We didn't eat any burgers.

Kelsey is making macaroni and alfredo cheese sauce. I like sauce. I like it so much that I made this page on the facebook where I take pictures of sauce packages. You should like it. I like it. I think it might be the only thing on the facebook where you can like pictures of condiment packets.
Anyway, macaroni. I'll type more some other day.