I have somewhat defeated CSR. Delivering its earthly remains to the stairs of justice will not be my highest accomplishment, but it shall be an accomplishment none the less. Do I hyphenate ‘none the less’ like this ‘none-the-less’ or is it separate words? Is it typed out like this: ‘nonetheless'? Do I put the question mark before or after my common use of the single apostrophe? I didn’t have any real intention with this blog post but I can see where it’s going already: Wikipedia.

Also, I can barely read what I’m typing because I don’t have my glasses on. I got glasses last month for the first time ever and it’s crazy because I can see shit now. If you don’t have glasses go to your optometrist and demand satisfaction. If you don’t need glasses according to the optometrist then congratulations but you owe it to yourself to find out if you can lead a fuller, richer, life, with a plastic/metal structure holding magnifying glasses in front of your eyes.

Go forth and dilate.


hi, I haven’t been here since june. anyway, I like to check https://haveibeenpwned.com/ occasionally to see which of my various accounts have been leaked on the dark web or whatever. recently(not so recently) I noticed that my account on ticketfly.com had been breached. not having remembered I had an account with ticketfly, and, not caring as the data was my address, name, phone #, etc, things you can look up and I don’t care, I decided to do nothing about it.

today, however, I felt like I should at least change the password to the account.

I use a password storage program, which I like and syncs across my devices with scripts and dropbox and whatever. I recommend you do the same. these programs can create random passwords for each thingy you have an account with so you don’t even need to know the password. this also allows you to comply with the maximum complexity a web service allows. I like that too.

also, on this ticketly site, they don’t have my current address or phone number on file, so whoever got that data doesn’t have anything cool anyway.

have a good thanksgiving and be thankful for Robert Swan Mueller III.


I am attending two(2) parties today. One(1) is a yard party with food and music. The second(2nd) is a yard party with food(presumably) and music. At both of these parties I expect I shall play music.

Also, at these parties, I expect I shall eat food, if, at the second party, there is food.

Featured below is a picture of food.

example #1: food

example #1: food

thank you for your consideration.